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I founded House of Wonder after a career in Technology (Telco, Media & Online).  At Google I led various area's from global accounts, deal making to shaping a partnership ecosystem. When I was the Lead for Women @ Google NL, I undertook the experiment: What happens if you follow your heart in a business context and only do the things you enjoy? Then doors will open unexpectedly...

After Google I founded House of Wonder BV, combining board management, creative projects & speaking. My mission is to bring freedom in thinking and doing. I am a creative ideator - with a plan of action. I work with leaders and their teams to translate their vision into strategy, from concept to execution. To make positive change happen.

I am the Managing Director of Social Impact Enterprise The Down to Earth Collective. This started as a documentary that premiered at the Climate Convention in Paris and evolved into a movement bringing wisdom-based leadership into boardrooms & classrooms. I believe the world is ready for a new type of leadership where following your personal path will lead to a better way of doing business while taking care of the world and people around us. The film is launching globally in 2020.